Credentify solution.

Credentify is an API service in the cloud that enables universities and students to issue and receive micro-credentials that can be stacked into ECTS. It is already integrated into an open education video platform and piloted by four European universities to create new educational experiences. It is based on blockchain technologies and offers tools for developers and researchers. Credentify is the first European free and open credentials service to use European blockchain conventions for educational content, which immensely improves transfer and transparency of credentials.

Increasingly HE institutions and students alike point out recognition as a major barrier to further formal and non-formal education adoption. Discover how you can use, integrate and customize this service in your own application or credential issuing solution. Credentify API can be used on its own or its results can be customized for pre-publishing with our partners. Credentify API provides services to all European universities which lack in advanced ICT infrastructures.

The problem Credentify solves.

University solution: Educational organizations, including non-formal education organizations, have a need to hold wallets of directly issued or reputational credentials. By sharing the wallet, they can prove accreditation, legal status or other aspects of identity. Since each credential is validated, it is possible to build up trust in the institution. It is possible to set up multi-level accreditation, where one institution accredits another, who in turn accredits another. Independent verifiers can apply KYC-tests to the wallets for different validation purposes. The discussion in the next few years will centre around whether universities will adapt to offer large-scale micro-credentials, whether VET institutions will take up the mantle, or whether it will increasingly become the domain of start-ups and corporations. Credentify solves this problem by providing universities with a service to keep track and issue credentials in a fast and transparent by giving them full control over the process.

Student solution: Requests from graduate students to recognize learning achieved online and elsewhere are becoming more frequent, especially form those who have already been certified through micro-credentials. Learning experiences are widening, therefore the provision and certification of online content consumption for registered students is needed. Credentify gives students the opportunity to get credentials from multiple universities in recognition of their studies. Credentify creates portability and storage of digital student data and puts it at the core of free movement of students and skilled workers across Europe.

Business solution: Universities, VET institutions, OER providers, MOOC providers and Video repositories need to offer reliable, integrated certification services to their customers. Credentify provides this service for all types of European credentials that are provider independent in nature and addresses all types of qualifications. Degrees are still the Golden Standard for employment and digital driven education with user behavior trends and digital content are increasingly breaking traditional programmes, into smaller, shorter online nuggets and this trend is set to continue and expand dramatically.

Market solution: Europe has one of the most equity driven and stable public educational systems in the world with more than 3 million HE students. However, non-formal educational opportunities are rapidly changing this learning landscape with unforeseen complexities in accreditation, ending in missed opportunities for students, teachers, and universities with the job market. Equally no common European credential format or repository exists for describing qualifications and their learning outcomes: this hinders their comparability. Although the EQF aims to promote flexible learning pathways and focuses on learning outcomes independently of where the qualification has been acquired, no common arrangements exist for credit transfer and accumulation for qualifications related to the EQF. ECTS not Qualifications should become the default unit of learning - a hundredfold increase in volume of credentials data held and generated. Therefore, Credentify offers a standard format for documenting micro-credentials in terms of ECTS using existing recognition tools.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Erasmus+ 2020 Programme under Project Ref: 590161-EPP-1-2017-1-DE-EPPKA3-PI-FORWARD and was developed by the MicroHE consortium.
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